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Our vision is to be a reference and leader in the area of animal tourism, developing the relationship between the tutor and his pet, improving the quality of services offered to them.

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  • Increase the bond of love and affection between owners and their pets
  • Quality pet service
  • Animal welfare and health
  • Transparency and ethics
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency

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Thor is an 11-year-old Beagle, very pampered, loved and excited, who loves to discover new places. You hear the phrase: "LET'S WALK?" lifts its tail from the white tip, lifts its ears, gives you a look exactly like the picture on the side and is ready for any ADVENTURE. Ready with his collar, he wants to know and explore everything around him. Rain or shine, he is always available for any outing with your family. He is known as the "KING" of the house and is the motivation for the founding of this company and the idealization of this project.

Juliana Stephani de Souza

Juliana is Thor's tutor. Veterinary doctor and Master in Animal Science, graduated from FMVA-UNESP in 2011. She lived in Araçatuba (where she won her faithful companion in 2007), in Spain and Canada to complement her undergraduate and graduate studies. Pursuing her professional dream, she lived in Texas, United States for 3 years, where she worked in a multinational in the area of animal reproduction. But for several reasons, including fear of transportation and the amount of working hours, she decided to leave her 4-legged best friend in Brazil with her family, with a feeling of guilt in her heart. To kill the longing, she spoke to him daily on Skype. From the countries where she lived and from the trips she took, she found her great passion: KNOWING THE WORLD with all its cultures and diversities. She decided to return to Brazil in search of her personal HAPPINESS and now she has combined the dream of working with animals with her biggest hobby: tourism.


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